In which cryptos to invest in short term

The information on our web site is not investment advice! Crypto assets are very riski and unregulated investment product; you can use substantial amount of your capital. Please note that due to the fast market volatility, some of the prices or price movement could be different than the shown. Please consider the information on our page only as idea on how to approach short term investments and always investigate further.

You could benefit from getting the know which crypto assets made the sharpest movements recently so you can use it to make lucrative short term investments.
As we all know every movement on the trading chart meets resistance at a certain point. If the price of a give asset are dropping significantly they reach a bottom after which they have correction and rize again. One of the tactics for short term investments would be to look for crypto that fall for 3-4 days and it is close to its bottom before correction. The bigger the drop is the bigger the expected correction would be.
The crypto token that lost most of its value in the last 72 hours:
On the other hand if a crypto token make a sharp rise normally a lot of bots and trader enter it and the price receive another boost. So if you catch the beginning of upgoing trend in the first day or so you can benefit from the boost and exit the position on the next 24 hours.
The crypto assets that made the biggest rise in the last 24 hours: